Finally, an Oklahoma City Thunder rap anthem that barely mentions the Thunder (VIDEO)

I count a total of four references to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Lost Boys' "Blue and Orange," the "ultimate OKC Thunder Anthem" that — while not really new, as it appeared in highlight clips during OKC's playoff run last year — is making the rounds in advance of the team's Game 2 tilt with the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night:

1. The first rapper, a gent named Michael Garner, calls himself "Thunder true" at 0:45;

2. The second, whose name appears to be K-Yeags, says that "round here, we Thunder up" at 1:51;

3. The anchor leg of this rap relay, Grazie, confirms the Thundering up at 2:49;

4. Grazie then brings it on home with the song's first actual reference to a player on the team, Kevin Durant, at 2:55: "Damn right, we never miss / KD, no bricks."

You'd think a track intended as a power jam meant to connect with Thunder fans and spur pride in a squad that looked murderous Monday night might actually have some connection to the team beyond the shirts worn by the dudes rapping, but apparently, you'd be wrong. Oh, well. The shirts are nice!

Then again, when you consider what musical havoc's already been wreaked by Thunder fans in the name of James Harden's beard, maybe we should thank heaven for small mercies and just enjoy the Eiffel 65 flip. Nothing more Oklahoman than Italian dance music from 1999.

Hat-tips to That NBA Lottery Pick and With Leather.

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