We Finally Know if Prince William & Harry Are Talking Again After Reuniting at Philip’s Funeral

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Nearly one month after their grandfather’s funeral, many are wondering where Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship now stands. Are they on speaking terms? According to a royal expert, things are unfortunately still rocky between the brothers.

Nick Bullen, the editor-in-chief and co-founder of True Royalty TV, revealed in a new report by Us Weekly that the Duke of Sussex, 36, and the Duke of Cambridge, 38, aren’t in communication. “All of my sources tell me that they are not talking at the moment,” he said, noting, however, that while many reports claimed their reunion at Prince Philip’s funeral was “frosty,” it marked an important first step toward mending their relationship.

“It’s pretty clear that the Duchess of Cambridge was doing her best to build the bridges,” Bullen added,...

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