Finally, the Iron Sheik has weighed in on the NBA lockout

Ball Don't Lie

Seriously, NBA owners and players: If you're not going to take such sound advice from the man who defeated Bob Backlund (and was later re-branded as part of a Saddam Hussein-sympathizing faction at the height of military operations in Iraq, which was pretty weird for a young Dan who basically just wanted to like Sgt. Slaughter, but whatever), then I think it is fair to say that you are beyond help.

I think the Iron Sheik and I speak for everyone when we say: Stop being greedy piece of garbage. Don't be the Virgil. End this lockout.

Also, a quick pro tip: Under NO circumstances should you go to the Iron Sheik's Twitter feed unless you are ready to read some serious, "Deadwood"-level cursing directed at just about everything and everyone. Almost everything he says is NSFW; it is, frankly, remarkable that this tidbit is not. (If you are ready for that kind of blue talk, though, it is jarring and unreal in a pretty great way.)

Hat-tip to caffren, who posted this to Tumblr's #basketball tag, which I help edit and which is pretty neat.

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