It finally happened: Andrew Luck threw a normal football again

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We have evidence that Andrew Luck, in fact, is still capable of throwing a normal football.

It has been a weird year-plus for the Indianapolis Colts star quarterback, who had shoulder surgery in March of 2017 and missed all last season. After a setback last year the Colts were painfully slow in his rehab progress this time around, which means we heard way too many updates about whether Luck was back to throwing regular, regulation-sized footballs. He had been throwing smaller, weighted footballs through the spring, but not the real thing.

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The Colts repeatedly said he wasn’t to the point of throwing a normal football in his rehab, but then on Tuesday at the team’s minicamp, there was finally proof that Luck was throwing again.

First throws for Luck in months

The Colts tweeted out, at exactly 1:30 p.m. Eastern time for the record, video proof that Luck is throwing footballs again.

Never has a pass that short looked so good for a fanbase.

Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star tweeted that Luck threw about 10 passes, none more than 10 yards, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Still, it was the first time the media had seen Luck throw since Oct. 12, Keefer said.

It allows Luck about a month and a half to work up his arm strength before training camp.

A great step in Luck’s rehab

The ordeal with Luck’s rehab became weird, but rightfully so. When headlines about a star quarterback, who missed last season, were “Andrew Luck still hasn’t been cleared to throw footballs,” that’s alarming. There was the expected funny update from the parody “Capt. Andrew Luck” Twitter account.

So Tuesday was a good day. At very least, it should calm down some of the panic about Luck, which again, was not unjustified. Luck is one of the most important players in the entire NFL, a legitimate star quarterback who has been a household name since he was at college. His return to form wouldn’t just be good for the Colts, it would be good for the entire NFL.

There’s a ways to go before we know if Luck has lost anything through all the shoulder issues, but at least he’s throwing again. That’s a big step.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck missed all last season after shoulder surgery. (AP)
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck missed all last season after shoulder surgery. (AP)

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