Finally, a Brooklyn Nets logo haircut for us all to get

I know what you're thinking: It seems like FOREVER since the Brooklyn Nets released their official, Jay-Z-designed logo, and yet we still haven't seen any sort of follicular representation of it that we can all go into our local barbershop and get. People in San Antonio can get Michael Jordan's face on their head every single day if they want to, and yet we're sitting here like a bunch of SAPS.

Luckily, Brooklyn barber Ron Snipes, one intrepid, slightly-too-shaggy gentleman in need of a cut and online barbering site — "Your Connection to the Barbering Community" — all exist, and have come together to give America what it needs. Behold:

The adidas logo atop the badge — while not part of the official Nets insignia — is a nice touch that shows sharp knowledge of the Nets' branding and partnership agreements, what with the shoe company both producing the team's jerseys and sponsoring the new team store at the Barclay Center. Savvy synergy, Snipes.

Add in the fact that Snipes was apparently fresh dipped in Nets gear while plying his trade, and I don't think it's going too far to say that this should be the official haircut of the Brooklyn Nets, for fans and players alike. Especially you, Johan Petro. ESPECIALLY you.

Hat-tip to Nets Daily.

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