Final full 2024 1st-Round Mock Draft: Patriots, Jets, Cowboys trade back

Draft day has finally arrived, but the festivities cannot begin until one final mock draft exercise is completed for the first round. In this latest edition, jockeying for position is the name of the game. Quarterbacks go 1-2-3, but the Patriots are bailing out of the No. 3 spot in order to gather additional high pedigree picks after their preferred prospect is taken by Washington. Later in the draft, Denver moves up to grab their guy, jumping Minnesota.

In the back half of the round, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to secure their target and feel they have to get in front of the Green Bay Packers, so the Dallas Cowboys are able to grab an extra premium pick in a trade back. All in all, four QBs, eight offensive linemen and eight wideouts are taken as offense rules the day in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire