Filthy Bricklin SV-1 Gets Barn Find First Wash in 24 Years

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Watch this classic sports car get cleaned up.

The Bricklin SV-1 was a little-known Canadian sports car made by an entrepreneur named Malcolm Bricklin. Between the years 1974-1975, Bricklin set out to create an awesome affordable sports car that would produce ample power figures for a lightweight chassis. Finally, after years of development and hard work, the SV-1 was born with a 5.9-liter V8 engine that put out a respectable 220 horsepower. That power was more than enough to send this 3,500 lb car around the track at insane speeds. The lightweight can be largely attributed to the composite body which drastically reduced the weight to do the best it could with the power it has.

This car is one example of just 2500 cars of this type produced in the few years that the car was manufactured. Over half of those cars are estimated to have been destroyed in one way or another as it has been over 45 years since the car’s first production year. This particular car was labeled: Chassis #333 which has had a terrible few decades due to the presence of years of dirt, bird poop, and rodents in and around the vehicle. A particularly bad feature of this car is the fact that the door has been left open for a multitude of years which has allowed all kinds of dust, debris, and rats which have virtually destroyed the interior. This car has had a rough life and now it will be restored to its original beauty to start again in a more appreciative world.

After washing the outermost layers of the grime away from the body of the beautiful dust collector, it was time to break out the big-boy tools. The pressure washer made quick work of the dirt-covered paint job, reigniting the shiny bright exterior. Those terrible carpets had to come out which eventually revealed the presence of a squirrel's nest and the set of spare keys to the car. Finally, after some finishing touches and wheel refurbishing, the detailing was complete and the car was that much closer to being back on the road once more.

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