How to fill out your tournament bracket

Overview of Yahoo Tourney Pick’em

Take the court with Yahoo Tourney Pick’em and try your luck at picking the winners of each game in this year’s tournament bracket. Once you’ve signed up, create up to 10 brackets and enter each one in a max of 15 groups. Get started and sign up by signing into the Tourney Pick’em homepage.

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Fill out your brackets

Click your bracket name from the Tourney Pick’em homepage to make your picks. It’s important to pick every game or else your bracket won’t be saved.

Put your bracket up against friends

Create or join groups to, family, co-workers, or strangers. Each group has its own leaderboard, so you’ll always be able to know who’s one top in the standings. Private group commissioners can customize their group’s settings, scoring or privacy options, and invite new members.

See where you rank in the competition on the leaderboards

Scores and standings are updated as games finish and are reflected no later than the morning after a game is played. Access them from the Tourney Pick’em homepage by mousing over leaderboards.