Filipino performer Jhong Hilario does a back flip free throw in charity game (Video)

Ball Don't Lie

The basketball world has seen many free-throw routines, from Karl Malone's 45-second self-prayer to the more basic dribbles and tosses of the ball. The idea is for players to have something to fall back upon, to enter a familiar, comfortable space as opposing fans attempt to get in their heads. Everyone, from the worst shooters to the very best, has some routine when they head to the line.

It is very likely that the routine of Filipino actor and dancer Jhong Hilario will not catch on with very many basketball players. In a charity game in the basketball-mad nation of the Philippines, Hilario decided to shoot a free throw by doing a back flip, settling himself for a nanosecond, and then immediately releasing the ball. It only went in off the glass, which is typically the sign of a terrible shot, but I think we'll give him some leeway on this one.

Your move, Dwight Howard.

(via PBT and The Big Lead)

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