Figuring out the Pac-12 bowl puzzle

The world of bowl games gets complicated this time of year. Which tie-ins take precedence over others? What is the selection procedure? What other guidelines should we be paying attention to?

Jon Wilner of the Wilner Hotline is a welcome source of clarity on this and other matters.

A reader asked him, “Can you please clarify the Pac-12 bowl-selection order? There’s no more direct correlation to conference position and bowl destination, right?”

Wilner’s answer:

“Here you go, without the College Football Playoff included:

Rose Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl, Sun Bowl, LA Bowl, ESPN bowl.

“The ESPN game would be either the Gasparilla, First Responders or Armed Forces, depending on matchups and available teams.

“Also, please note: Yes, there is a direct correlation to the conference standings.

“The Alamo, Holiday, and Las Vegas bowls have some flexibility — they can pass on Team X in favor of Team Y as long as there is no more than a one-game difference in conference record. The Sun and LA bowls must base their selections on order-of-finish.”

Is everyone clear now?


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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire