Fighter opinions divided on redesigned UFC gloves

A presentation of the news gloves at UFC 300 in April
UFC 302 will mark the debut of the redesigned gloves [Getty Images]

Fighter opinions have been divided on new gloves set to be introduced at UFC 302 in New Jersey on Saturday.

Lightweight title challenger Dustin Poirier says the gloves are more comfortable but will lead to more cuts, while champion Islam Makhachev has criticised the gloves' manoeuvrability.

The UFC have introduced the gloves in an effort to reduce eye pokes, cuts and hand injuries.

"I think they're more comfortable, it's easier to make a fist," said Poirier.

"I do think there might be more cuts because the padding isn't as dense. I feel like the knuckles are gonna pierce through that padding.

"But I like the new ones better. I think they're better for me."

The new gloves - which like the old ones remain fingerless - have fewer seams on the outside to minimise the possibility of abrasions and cuts, while new foam is added to provide maximum flexibility and impact absorbing protection, according to the UFC.

They also weigh less than the gloves used formerly in the promotion, which became mandatory at UFC 14 in 1997.

"Honestly I don’t like too much because they become very old after I use them in two weeks," said Makhachev.

"They feel a bit harder, but almost the same. But when you try to open your fingers it’s a little difficult. They keep your fingers closed a bit.”

Russian Makhachev and American Poirier will sport the new gloves in gold, which is mandatory for championship bouts, while other fighters will don them in black.