In fiery rant, Keyshawn Johnson explains why Jets should resist urge to draft Trevor Lawrence

Danny Abriano
·2 min read
Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence looks to make a pass
Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence looks to make a pass

With the Jets at 0-6 and having good odds to land the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, you can count former Jet Keyshawn Johnson among those who thinks Gang Green should resist the urge to pick Trevor Lawrence if they wind up there.

While speaking very critically of the Jets on Monday morning and saying they have bigger holes to fill than quarterback, Johnson came out in favor of keeping Sam Darnold and passing on Lawrence.

"You drafted a guy three years ago with the third pick in the draft because he was your Trevor Lawrence," Johnson said on the Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin show on ESPN Radio. "He has nothing around him. Nothing. Zero, zilch, right? Nothing. He looks good at times and bad at times with nothing around him.

"(He has) a coach that how he (wound up) coaching the New York Jets, we'll never know. But you're ready to move on from (Darnold) because you think Trevor Lawrence is the next Andrew Luck? What the hell did Andrew Luck win?"

The future of head coach Adam Gase is very much in question, with Gase saying after Sunday's shutout loss to the Miami Dolphins that his focus remains on preparing the team and not on his job status.

And with the future of Gase in question, there have also been whispers about Darnold, who is a holdover from the Mike Maccagnan era and has no connections to current GM Joe Douglas.

Johnson said Monday that he understands the "sexiness" of Lawrence's game and potential, but kept coming back to his belief that the Jets have bigger holes to fill than quarterback.

"I don't understand why they think that the quarterback is the answer when they have one that they need to put pieces around," Johnson explained. "You take that number one pick and you trade it. And you do what the Boston Celtics in basketball have done -- you stockpile a bunch of picks, and then you start to find guys that can help you build your damn team!"