Feeling the pinch of coronavirus pandemic, Amsterdam's sex workers now work from home

Sex workers in Amsterdam's red light district have reportedly started working illegally from home, after being forced to abandon their stations in the windows of the city's brothels. In the Netherlands, sex work is not illegal, explains a local video journalist. In Amsterdam, sex workers rent rooms to work from, presenting themselves in the windows of brothels. But since March 15, brothels have had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic with the work being categorized as a "close contact" profession and therefore banned. Organisations representing sex workers now admit some in their community have kept on working from their homes, which is illegal. Sex websites are reportedly putting up about 150 adverts per day. According to the de Volkskrant newspaper, one online advert read: "Because of the coronavirus, I only work with a mask. But that's all I have on." One female sex worker said she has a steady stream of customers visiting her at home. This practice of sex workers working from home has made the headlines in the Netherlands in recent days. The Dutch government has provided funding for sex workers during the coronavirus crisis, but not all have the professional or legal status to be able to receive money. Footage captured on April 5 shows the empty red light district in Amsterdam, with blinds pulled down in the windows where sex workers once stood.