"I Feel Like My Purpose Is Bigger Than Booty-Shaking Singles:" Latto Talks Leaving A Positive Impact On Women With Flaunt Magazine

It’s no secret that Latto has made her way effortlessly within the music realm. Whether it’s securing her claim as one of the best rappers in the industry to date, or providing resources to at-risk teens and adults, the 23-year-old rapper has made her way to the top at a very young age.

A Gateway For Community-Wide Support

The Atlanta native is using her platform as a gateway for helping at-risk teens and adults, with the launch of her very own foundation entitled, “Win Some Give Some Foundation.” She also launched her inaugural “Latto 4 The Ladies & Babies” Christmas party to offer meals and gifts for children.

“What most people may not know is that the Platinum-selling recording artist launched her own Win Some Give Some Foundation to provide resources and support for at-risk teens and mothers. She also launched her inaugural ‘Latto 4 The Ladies & Babies’ Christmas party, in partnership with Rainbow House, to offer meals and Christmas gifts for young moms and their children,” as reported by Flaunt magazine.

Rapping Since She Was 8 Years-Old

Latto’s claim to fame was no coincidence. The 23-year-old always knew she was destined for greatness since she was just 8 years old. She then took the rap game to the next level when she was 16 on the hit tv show The Rap Game. 

“Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia—Clayton County to be exact—real name Alyssa Michelle Stephens, she has been rapping since the age of 8 years old. At age 16, she dominated the spotlight on the reality television show called The Rap Game (hosted by Jermaine Dupri), even coming out as the winner of season one,” said Flaunt.

More Than “Booty-Shaking” Singles


Aside from leaving her mark as a platinum selling recording artist, Latto is leaving her mark in more ways than one.  She wants people to recognize her for more than just her music, but her morals and beliefs as a woman.

“Don’t get me wrong, but my purpose is bigger than that. It’s cool to let people see me in a different light,” she says to Flaunt.

“Because a lot of people don’t know me as a person, how hands-on I am with stuff, and my true beliefs and morals as a woman. They get sidetracked by the glittery outfits, all that stuff. But I got something to say.”