Feel bad about your bracket? Take a look at Charles Barkley's

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This is just an educated guess, but your brackets probably aren’t looking too hot right now. The first weekend of the NCAA tournament was a minefield for everyone, whether it was the top four seeds in South being felled or popular picks like Xavier, North Carolina and Michigan State being upset in the second round.

But lest you’re feeling sad about your round of 16 being anything but sweet, cheer up.

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Your bracket probably looks better than Charles Barkley’s.

It’s hard to know where to start with the predictions of the Turner Sports analyst, but that Michigan State-Arizona title game matchup seems like a good place. Arizona was bounced the first night of the tournament and Michigan State’s loss to Syracuse on Sunday put an end to the possibility of Chuck saving any face.

The final was far from Barkley’s only misstep, though. Only three of his Elite Eight picks are still intact, South Dakota State didn’t win a game let alone beat North Carolina to reach the regional finals and Rhode Island didn’t come close to beating Duke on Saturday. His only prescient picks look like tabbing Nevada in the Sweet 16 and having his alma mater, Auburn, lose in the second round (though Barkley thought it’d be New Mexico State administering the beating, not Clemson).

Some people will use these picks to bolster their belief that Barkley doesn’t know anything about the college game and should stick to the NBA while others will use the opportunity to make jokes on Twitter.

Here are some of the latter:

Better luck next year, Charles.

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Charles Barkley’s bracket is a total mess. (Screenshot via @recordsandradio)
Charles Barkley’s bracket is a total mess. (Screenshot via @recordsandradio)

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