Fedora Bids Adieu To The Beard

Andrew Jones, Publisher
Tar Heel Illustrated

Bruce Young, THI

CHAPEL HILL – North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora decided it was time to go back to his old look, so Monday morning, Fedora shaved off a beard he grew in the summer of 2016. UNC is 1-5 this season and was 9-10 in games Fedora coached wearing the beard.

“Change up, that’s it, just change up,” the head coach said, wearing a slight smile.

The coach says he’s not superstitious, and that may be so, but the timing of this is no coincidence that it coincides with the Tar Heels reaching offensive depths unheard of in Chapel Hill since his arrival six years ago.

UNC is currently rated No. 89 nationally in total offense averaging 372 yards per game and also 89th in scoring offense, averaging 25.3 points. UNC’s ground attack is ranked No. 94.

And in the last three games, UNC has average just 296 yards and 11.3 points, which would rank them 125th in total offense and 127th in scoring.

So, Fedora woke up Monday morning, looked in the mirror and got rid of the beard.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of thought process in it, actually,” he said.

Compelled to make sure he keeps the narrative from going down the wrong path, he offered a qualifier.

“I don’t believe that the beard will have anything to do with our play, I really don’t,” he said, smiling again. “If that was the case I’d have done it a long time ago.”

Fedora says the players haven’t seen him yet nor has his wife, whom he said a year ago was why he grew the beard in the first place. She wanted him to.

The Tar Heels were 9-10 with Fedora wearing the beard.



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