‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: Troy returns with a horde of trouble

Superfan TV

Guess who’s back on Fear the Walking Dead? Everyone’s favorite homicidal maniac, Troy. And he brought something really special with him.

Troy decided to productive during his exile, so he went out into the desert and rounded up a horde of zombies. And according to him, it wasn’t that easy.

He told Jake and Nick, “Leading these guys on foot for two days, two nights. I stop, they stop. They need constant stimuli -- sight, smell, sound. They love loud noises.”

Upon realizing that Troy was trying to kill everyone, Jake decided to kill Troy. But before he could shoot him, Nick knocked Troy away.

Unfortunately, Troy was knocked right into the zombie horde and got bit. In an attempt to save him, Nick and Troy chopped off his infected arm. Jake ended up turning anyway and Troy had to stick a knife into his brain.

The horde eventually overran the ranch and now it is up to Troy and Nick to rescue everyone.

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