'Fear the Walking Dead' Recap: Madison's Power Play

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On Fear the Walking Dead, everyone at Broke Jaw Ranch was freaking out over Walker's threats including one of the founders, Vernon. Apparently Vernon got a new pair of scaredy pants because he wanted to take his stuff and his family and skedaddle.

Despite being given the "okay" to leave from the leader, Jeremiah, Jeremiah's son Troy made a huge scene and tried to stop them. This resulted in Jeremiah punching Troy in the face.

Seeing an opportunity to be an influence in Troy's life, Madison started grooming Troy to be the leader. She offered to help him be the rightful heir to the ranch.

Excited about making a difference, Troy went off and killed Vernon and his family. And even though Jeremiah and Nick both knew Troy had done the killing, Madison told the community that Walker had murdered them.

After helping Troy escape a potential mob, Madison told him "There's a fight coming, and you have to save us. Can you?" To which her mad dog replied, "Yes Ma'am."

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