'Fear the Walking Dead' Recap: A New Enemy Means War

Superfan TV

A new enemy emerged on the "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Troy, Madison, and a small group of armed men went to visit the crash site of the chopper and see why the team guarding it hadn't checked in. But when they got to the crash site there was nothing there except bullet casings.

The team visited an outpost to see if the men had retreated. They found a pile of burned corpses and the outpost leader, Phil. Phil had been tied to chair and had the back of his skull removed so that the crows could eat his brains while he was still alive. Surprisingly when Troy and Madison found him he was reciting Hughes Mearns' poem, "Antigonish."

After Madison put Phil out of his misery, the group found themselves surrounded by gun toting Native Americans. Then group was led by an old acquaintance of Troy's named Walker. Walker and his people had killed Phil's men. He told Troy to take back the message "Tell your people it's time for justice. The land you've lived on needs to be returned. Abandon the ranch."

Walker made the Troy, Madison and the gang walk back to camp barefoot. And while on the way Madison and Troy had a little power struggle that ended with Troy almost slicing her neck open while she slept.

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