FCF Season II Opener: Heisman winner throwing to Pro Football Hall of Famer

Fan Controlled Football’s second season starts on Saturday. And Johnny Manziel will have a chance to do something not many — any? — quarterbacks have done in any league at any time.

The Heisman winner from Texas A&M is on the Zappers. And one of his receivers is NFL great Terrell Owens.

So, Manziel, whose pro career has been full of struggles and troubles, will be looking to target an actual Pro Football Hall of Famer with his passes. The Zappers will be playing Shoulda Been Stars in the opener of the night doubleheader.

There will be a doubleheader in the afternoon and evening.

Has anyone in football history thrown a pass that was completed to someone who already has been inducted into Canton? Unlikely.

T.O. was on the Pat McAfee Show and spoke about his excitement in getting play and mentor others.

Oh, and there is a growing audience for the league that allows fans to call the plays.

One wish the 48-year-old Owens has that is unlikely to happen: He wants Colin Kaepernick to join the league, which features 7-on-7 play and is based in Atlanta.

“I feel like he could come in and really use this to really sharpen his skill set,” Owens said. “Especially because there’s some questions about him not playing for such a long time.”