FCA recognizes Hunt for 30 years of service

Apr. 11—Doing a little house cleaning recently, Randy Hunt found something that took him back to when he started serving with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

"I don't know the exact date, but I know it was over 30 years ago because I found a newspaper clipping in my house the other day," he said. "It was our banquet 30 years ago."

It was the start of three decades of volunteering for the South Central FCA, a relationship that is still going strong.

And it hasn't gone unnoticed. Hunt was recognized for his service at Thursday's Sharing the Victory Banquet at Tamarack. He was presented with a piece of FCA artwork by South Central FCA Area Director Bret Floyd.

Hunt served as the night's master of ceremonies and had no idea he would be honored.

"I was not expecting that," said Hunt, who was accompanied by his wife Lisa. "I am very honored and humbled."

The surprise announcement was made by Keith Tyler, the FCA state director. Tyler is a University of Charleston Athletics Hall of Famer who played for coach Tex Williams.

"He's participated in our camps, our huddles, game days, golf scrambles, banquets. You name it, he has done it all," Tyler said. "He has been in the field. He has been out there where the rubber meets the road. He has done everything that the FCA board volunteers can virtually do, and we just want to honor him."

Hunt said he and Mike White, the former longtime South Central area director who is now with the FCA in Marietta, Ohio, started the area's first FCA adult huddle in the early 1990s.

"I've been involved on and off for the last 30 years either in the huddle area or on the board. I've been on the board for the last 10 years," he said. "I enjoy it. I love being a part of it. This isn't about boards. This isn't about being a big function. It's about kids."

South Central FCA covers Fayette, Raleigh and Nicholas counties. According to their April update, about 2,000 students are taking part in huddles every week. A huddle is a meeting that occurs during school hours to any student who wants to attend. They generally take place weekly during lunch or club times.

"I have a nephew (Jonathan) who is now a pastor and a church planter in Denver, Colorado. He got his start in FCA," Hunt said. "He was the student huddle leader at Independence High School. He graduated in 2008.

I know the impact that it has on kids. It's all about the kids. There's one thing we just cannot abandon and it's our kids. The older we get, it's harder to reach.

"I love the fact that it's student-led. No one's forcing these kids to come, and you hear story after story, kids want to initiate the huddle and the prayer and all the things going on. We're just blessed. It's all about God doing the work."

Basketball Hall of Famer Jerry Lucas was the guest speaker. He gave his testimony of how he is using his well-documented powers of memory to revolutionize America's educational system, something he says God called him to.

He implored those in attendance to apply the three Ps — pursue, practice, perform — not only to life but toward a righteous relationship with the Lord.

Doug and Bonita Sayre were honored with the Landry Award in honor of their financial support to the FCA. It is named for legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry who was well known for his work with the FCA.

"Like Bret said, our motto is let's just be humble and obedient," Hunt said. "There's nothing special about any of us. None of us look at each other on a higher or lower level."