FBS commissioners talking about taking football oversight from the NCAA | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde discuss Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff’s comments about his conversations with other FBS commissioners regarding the potential to take football oversight and rule making away from the NCAA, and debate how this would turn out if it came to fruition.

Video Transcript

PAT FORDE: One other thing out of that interview, which was very good from Nicole Auerbach with George Kliavkoff, that caught my attention was Kliavkoff said that he's had conversations with several of the FBS commissioners, and I've been surprised by the unanimous support for the idea among the folks that I've spoken to about taking football rulemaking and football rule enforcement out of the NCAA, which is, basically, in terms of for one sport at least, just kicking the NCAA to the curb and saying we got this.

Sounds good in theory. I still want to know who's really going to be in charge of rule enforcement. Who's going to take that on? You really think those conferences are all going to get together and say yeah, we'll enforce each other and name our own like enforcement staff? I mean, I just I think that is highly unrealistic. It's just been talked about a bunch, but they like having the NCAA as a fairly incompetent cop, the Sergeant Schultz out there that sees nothing, knows nothing, that they can get work around.

But they don't have to be the bad guys. I really don't think these conferences are up for taking on that role.

DAN WETZEL: They're not even close. It gets annoying. I'm no fan of-- I'm no defender of the NCAA. We make fun of them every podcast, but like, it's just their-- oh, well, it's like it's an applause line that has no reality. You're going to do a better job? We just talked about how you announced you expanded the playoff before you expanded the playoff and screwed the whole thing up. Literally, the easiest thing to do, you couldn't even announce it on schedule.


DAN WETZEL: We talked about how you guys sat around and said hey NIL's coming, but you know, it'll just be based on whether a player did good on Saturday. No, it didn't. In two seconds, everyone's doing it. I didn't see that coming. These guys are no more-- they are the NCAA. There's no-- they're not capable of doing this.


DAN WETZEL: They're a bunch of pretenders. The best thing for them is to be able to blame the, quote, unquote, NCAA.

PAT FORDE: Absolutely, it's plausible deniability. No, we, it's not us that can't police ourselves. It's them. They can't do it.

DAN WETZEL: They didn't see the issues coming. They can't get out of their way. They can't expand a playoff that they all agreed to expand. They can't do it. So is the NCAA good at this stuff? No. But are these guys better? No.

PAT FORDE: No, that's the thing. Who's going to put together that structure? Who's going to take that on, and who's going to enforce the rules?

DAN WETZEL: I mean, whatever, I don't care what it is. I don't care if it's-- but you're going to have Ari Fleischer running this thing. So OK, cool. This is what we're going to get. I mean, you're going to screw it up, too, so I would just keep that little building in Indianapolis as like a-- it's like how when the NFL for-- the NFL made more money off the threat of moving to LA than when they actually got to put a franchise in LA. Like, every city in America built a new stadium for their team because they might go to LA.

The best business the NFL had was LA didn't have a team. Now, they've got a team there, and they make less money. They make good money because they got a team in LA. You want a team in La, but it was better when you can sit there and go well, huh.

PAT FORDE: Oh, absolutely.

- I was just seen out at Mr. Chow's. There's some-- you remember they got-- they'd draw up some fancy stadium somewhere that would never happen. And all of a sudden, the local government would pony over $800 million, and we'd be good.


DAN WETZEL: All set. Yeah, like, you need this punching bag so go ahead. Good luck, you guys have shown us no competence.

PAT FORDE: Right, no. I mean, yeah, I'll believe that when I see it.