Who was your favorite Steelers draft pick?

According to the experts, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a great 2023 NFL draft. There is no denying just how well the team did in taking an aggressive approach to fill needs and adding some impressive athleticism to both sides of the football.

But who is your favorite pick? That’s the question of the day.

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Not so fast!

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For us, this one is too easy. Landing Broderick Jones and only having to trade a fourth-round pick to get him was the move of the weekend for the Steelers. Getting Jones set up the rest of the draft to be successful.

But maybe you are a fan who loves how the Steelers brought in legacy pick Joey Porter Jr. Better yet, maybe you are the fans who think adding Darnell Washington will turn the offense around. Cast your vote and let us know.

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Who was your favorite Steelers draft pick?

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