Fauci explains his flattened curve ball

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"I had been practicing two nights before, because the night before it rained like crazy in Washington, so I couldn't do it. And I was throwing it pretty well at what I thought was 60 feet. But it was probably about 40 feet. And I was getting the ball pretty well. About a half an hour of it, my arm was really really hurting, because I haven't thrown a baseball in decades. So when I walked out the mound, and saw where Sean Doolittle was, it looked like he was 200 feet away."

Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease specialist and a diehard Nationals fan, performed the honors at the team's park in Washington ahead of their game against New York Yankees. He donned a Nationals jersey and cap and unleashed a wild pitch, throwing up his arms as if to say: "What did you expect?"