Which father-and-son duos came closest to playing together in the NBA?

The NBA has seen many sons tread the same courts as their fathers, carrying on the family legacy. But we’ve yet to witness a father and son playing in the league at the same time.

LeBron and Bronny James could be the first to make that happen next season.

Here are the father-and-son pairs who came closest to accomplishing that to this day.

Gerald Wilkins and Damien Wilkins

Kenyon Martin and Kenyon Martin Jr.

Dad’s last game: February 2, 2015
Son’s first game: January 8, 2021
Gap: Five years and 340 days

Dell Curry and Stephen Curry

Dad’s last game: May 2, 2002
Son’s first game: October 28, 2009
Gap: Seven years and 179 days

Patrick Ewing and Patrick Ewing Jr.

Dad’s last game: April 30, 2004
Son’s first game: March 27, 2011
Gap: Eight years and 331 days

Glenn Robinson and Glenn Robinson III

Dad’s last game: June 14, 2005
Son’s first game: November 14, 2014
Gap: Nine years and 153 days

Terry Davis and Ed Davis

Dad’s last game: April 18, 2001
Son’s first game: December 1, 2010
Gap: Nine years and 227 days

Glen Rice and Glen Rice Jr.

Dad’s last game: January 1, 2004
Son’s first game: November 12, 2013
Gap: Nine years and 306 days

Gary Payton and Gary Payton II

Dad’s last game: April 29, 2007
Son’s first game: April 2, 2017
Gap: Nine years and 339 days

Tim Hardaway and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Dad’s last game: May 1, 2003
Son’s first game: October 30, 2013
Gap: 10 years and 182 days

Juwan Howard and Jett Howard

Dad’s last game: April 17, 2013
Son’s first game: October 25, 2023
Gap: Ten years and 191 days

Del Curry and Seth Curry

Dad’s last game: May 2, 2002
Son’s first game: January 5, 2014
Gap: 11 years and 248 days

John Stockton and David Stockton

Dad’s last game: April 30, 2003
Son’s first game: February 21, 2015
Gap: 11 years and 297 days

Milt Wagner and Dajuan Wagner

Dad’s last game: December 1, 1990
Son’s first game: November 26, 2002
Gap: 11 years and 360 days

Rick Brunson and Jalen Brunson

Dad’s last game: April 19, 2006
Son’s first game: October 17, 2018
Gap: 12 years and 181 days

Rick Barry and Jon Barry

Dad’s last game: April 14, 1980
Son’s first game: December 8, 1992
Gap: 12 years and 238 days

Mike Dunleavy and Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Dad’s last game: March 3, 1990
Son’s first game: October 30, 2002
Gap: 12 years and 241 days

Story originally appeared on HoopsHype