Fat Joe’s new Terror Squad album looks like it’s going to be pretty weird

Listen, we all know that Tony Parker spits venin on the mic. (French for "venom." Step ya Google Translate game up.) And, obviously, Bun B (left) is the king of the South and one of the best rappers there is. So it makes all the sense in the world that Fat Joe (second from left) would want to get them on at least one posse cut for the new Terror Squad record.

And while Matt Bonner doesn't have nearly as illustrious a track record in the rap game as Trill Clinton or Tony Parker, neither did that dude from Bon Iver. He's done pretty OK for himself when it comes to becoming friends with/a valuable commodity to famous rappers, and Matt Bonner clearly has at least as much indie cred as Justin Vernon. (UPDATE: Dime's Ananth Pandian just reminded me about Bodega Girls' indie-meets-breakbeat theme song to Bonner's legendary "Fundamentals of the Game with Coach B" video series, which both further establishes the indie cred of "The Red Rocket" and opens the door to the possibility that he is a pretty solid B-boy.)

The real wild card here, of course, is Tim Duncan. I'm pretty sure his parents never let him have hip-hop tapes growing up, so his flow might be kind of off. His pen game is probably on point, though — you'll just have to get him to dial back on the Merlin metaphors and step up the Punisher punchlines. That'd fit in pretty nicely.

All in all, I expect the new Terror Squad project will be at least as successful and memorable as the first, the unforgettably titled "The Album."

Photo via Fat Joe's Instagram, via friend of the family Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones.

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