Fashion writer Louis Pisano apologises for spreading ‘reckless’ Rihanna and ASAP Rocky rumour

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Fashion writer Louis Pisano has issued an apology after tweeting that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky had broken up because of infidelity.

The social media influencer, who uses they/them pronouns alleged that the couple “split” after ASAP was “caught cheating” on Rihanna with shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

“Last night I made a dumb decision to tweet some information I had received,” Pisano tweeted on 15 April. “I’m not going to talk about sources, blame others for a discussion that was started, etc because at the end of the day I made the decision to draft that tweet, press send and put that out with my name on it.”

“I’d like to formally apologise to all parties I involved with my actions and for my reckless tweets,” they said.

On Thursday 14 April, rumours circulated that Rocky and Rihanna had broken up after Pisano wrote in a since-deleted tweet: “Rihanna broke up with [ASAP] after she caught him cheating with shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

“Amina was responsible for designing Fenty’s footwear offering and Rihanna is often seen in custom shoes from her own label,” they said.

The unverified claims sent shockwaves throughout social media, as the couple - who are expecting their first child together - began trending on Twitter as fans reacted to the report. However, Muaddi denied the cheating rumours on Friday in a statement posted to her Instagram story.

“I’ve always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media doesn’t deserve any response or clarification, especially one that is so vile,” Muaddi wrote in the post. “I initially assumed that this fake gossip - fabricated with such malicious intent - would not be taken seriously.

“Therefore I have to speak up as this is not only directed towards me but it is related to people I have a great amount of respect and affection for,” she continued. “While Rih is continuing to live her serene, best dressed pregnancy life and I got back to my business - I wish everyone a beautiful Easter weekend!”

Multiple sources also denied the rumour in statements to TMZ and Page Six on Friday.

Earlier this week, Rihanna appeared on the cover of Vogue’s May 2022 issue, where she opened up about her relationship with Rocky. The Fenty Beauty owner, who is currently in her third trimester, said: “I just feel like I can do any part of life by his side.”

The pair began dating in early 2020 and announced they were expecting their first child together last January.