Farewell, Puck Daddy readers


After nine incredible years, I’ve decided to leave Yahoo Sports for new challenges. So today is my last day as Puck Daddy editor. Which is really, really weird to write.

The blog will continue on. Ryan Lambert will still write five times a week. A talented staff from Yahoo Canada will run the site. Puck Daddy is a destination for insight and news you can’t find elsewhere.

Even if I’m elsewhere.

So I thank you for contributing to the unfathomable success of this site. For every day you went to the blog, and for every friend you told about it. For every post that started a bigger conversation in other parts of the web. For every Jersey Foul or goofy Photoshop contest entry you sent in. For every Twitter follow or Facebook ‘like’ or video view that we earned. For every chat we did, or every meet-up we held on the road. For supporting three podcasts and two books I was blessed to create. For supporting every TV appearance and radio hit. For giving us incredible traffic and other metrics, which knocked down walls and got hockey more attention at Yahoo Sports than I ever dreamed it would. For celebrating our accomplishments, and for calling us on our B.S.

I’ve always said that it didn’t matter if you loved reading us or hate-read us, as long as you found it interesting to read us. I mean every word of that: From the person who participated in every contest to the person who dragged me in every comments section during every article, thanks for taking the time to care. Seriously. It’s what kept us going.

As an editor, I’ve never been one for longwinded farewell columns in publications, because the work continues no matter whose byline is on it. If you’re interested in reading more about my decision, and share some giggles about the last nine years, please check out the aforementioned longwinded farewell column on my personal blog.

The Puck Daddy email remains open for any questions or comments, and I’m on Twitter @wyshynski. Thanks as always for reading. See you at the next place.