FAQ: Update on how Yahoo Fantasy Baseball will handle MLB's shortened 2020 season

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Major League Baseball has announced a new season schedule, with the 60-game season slated to start on July 23. Find out how it impacts the 2020 Fantasy Baseball season.

I am in a Head-to-Head League: What will the schedule look like?

Head-to-Head Leagues will default to a 9 week season — 7 week regular season and 2 week playoffs, meaning only four teams would make the playoffs and no bye weeks.

[Still time to join or create a fantasy baseball league for the short season]

I am in a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Pro League: What’s going to happen?

Due to the shortened season and the impact to gameplay, all Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Pro Leagues that drafted prior to the announcement of the revised schedule will be cancelled. See our Cancellation Policy as defined in our Yahoo Sports Paid Fantasy Terms of Service. Your league’s entry fee will be refunded to your Yahoo Fantasy Wallet, see your Yahoo Account for more details.

You may join a new Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Pro League with the updated schedule.

My Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league has a Cash League contest: What’s going to happen?

All private leagues with a cash league contest will have the contest cancelled and league members will soon be issued a refund in their Fantasy Wallet. Reach out to your league commissioner to address questions or concerns.

Commissioners may reset the draft and create a new cash-based contest.

I am in a Roto or Points league: What changes should I expect?

With a 60-game schedule, we have changed the default max innings and position limits proportionally. Pitchers will now have 525 max innings and position players will have max 60 games played.

Will there be any changes to the Injured List due to COVID-19?

We will be increasing the number of default IL slots from two to four to account for potential coronavirus illness/contact and other injuries as players work their way back into shape. For private leagues, find out how to customize your league’s roster positions here.

Will there be any changes to position eligibility requirements?

There will be no changes to position eligibility requirements. Players will need five starts or 10 total appearances at a position to qualify while pitchers require three starts to be a starter, or five relief appearances to qualify as a reliever.

I am in a Keeper League and want to skip the season: What are my options?

We are evaluating options for Keeper Leagues that may not want to participate in a shortened fantasy season.

Other changes I can expect?

  • The default trade deadline has been moved to Sept. 6.

  • If a game goes to extra innings, a runner will start on second base in extra innings. The pitcher will not be charged with an earned run if the player scores.

  • All games that begin and are later postponed will be considered suspended and stats will count. Previously games had to be official (4 1/2 or 5 innings)

Thanks for playing Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. We can't wait for the season to start and Play Ball!

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