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The Fantasy 46 Podcast, championship editionIf you're a veteran fantasy manager, then you've probably suffered a few memorable championship beat-downs. They happen. They're awful. The wins are nice, but the losses all leave scars.

Back in '95, I took a 60-something point lead into the Monday night game between the Vikings and Niners, facing a dude who was starting Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Here's how that went. I may have called in sick on Tuesday, not sure.

In '05, I was on the right side of Laveranues Coles' fourth quarter binge on Monday night, winning a league after actually placing a concession call to my opponent. But in '08, the same guy beat me when DeAngelo Williams did that terrible, villainous, no-good thing he did.

The point is, Week 16 can be stellar and it can be cruel. If your fantasy team is still alive, then you're probably on edge, unproductive at work, distant, cheerless, uninterested in news that doesn't involve Felix Jones. (Or you're too confident by half, and the fantasy gods are about to smite thee with a Grossman or Fasano). These are stressful times. No one wants to get Laveranues'd. Here's a pod to help get you through a tricky week...

The Fantasy 46 Championship Preview

Click it, set a good lineup, let's lift a trophy.

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