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Each Tuesday, we review and update the list of the NFL's most user-friendly defenses. And each Tuesday, we find that the Lions and Rams sit atop the list. Sometimes they trade places, but they're always up there

Despite the fact that those teams combined to allow just 29 total points in Week 6, Detroit and St. Louis are both still yielding over 31 points and 400 yards per game. There's no obvious reason to feel differently about either defense just yet. If you keep picking on them, you'll generally like the results.

The Rams get Dallas and New England in Weeks 7 and 8, while the Lions face Houston and Washington. This should mean that widely-available options like Brad "Checkdown" Johnson, Matt "He's our quarterback" Cassel, and Antwaan "No derisive nickname because he's quietly been very good" Randle El are worth a look.

The Redskins get Cleveland at home on Sunday, and Washington is coming off an unthinkable loss. Expect Clinton Portis to widen his lead in rushing yardage against a defense that's allowing 137.0 yards per game on the ground. And then of course he'll effectively clinch the rushing title in Week 8 against the Lions.  

You'll also notice, as the headline suggests, that the Jets, Titans and Texans have friendly match-ups in the weeks ahead.

Behold, a wondrous spreadsheet...


If you have access to Chris Johnson, Thomas Jones and/or Steve Slaton, this would be the time to use them. The same goes for Jeff Garcia and Matt Schaub, who were mass-dropped in Week 2. Trent Edwards should return to modest usefulness over the next two weeks; he's apparently de-concussed and ready to start.  

That San Diego-New Orleans match-up in Week 8 just might be worth watching, eh? For fantasy purposes, the Detroit-Houston tilt this Sunday could be equally fun.  


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