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The trouble with position ranks – aside from the fact that they force us to think deeply about Cedric Benson(notes) each week – is that they're really just a snapshot. New information arrives, ranks change. By the time we're fielding questions in the Fantasy Football Live chat on Sunday morning, mid-week valuations aren't particularly meaningful. 

We filed our Week 2 position ranks less than 24 hours ago, and since that time LaDainian Tomlinson(notes) has been ruled out, Antonio Bryant(notes) was listed as doubtful and Pierre Thomas(notes) is officially questionable (which is enough to make me look elsewhere).

Let's revisit the ranks, if for no other reason that to give commenters an opportunity to thank me for my tireless efforts annihilate them, like Kris Jenkins(notes) taking on a Houston lineman...

Yup, one game was enough for me to rank Ben Roethlisberger(notes) like it's 2007 again. The Steelers are going to a backfield rotation, not that it will fix everything that's wrong with their running game. Nothing we saw in Week 1 convinced me that Chicago can successfully handle Santonio Holmes(notes) and Hines Ward(notes). ... Randy Moss(notes) caught just five passes for 48 yards against the Jets last year. New York corner Darrelle Revis(notes) locked up Andre Johnson(notes) in Week 1, further complicating the Moss situation. ... I'm not as bullish on Fred Jackson(notes) as my colleagues, but I've still ranked him as a starter. Lots of gurus have declared that he's clearly better than Marshawn Lynch(notes), but I'm not prepared to go that far. The Bills running game seems likely to become a job-share, which could serve the team's interests well. Semi-related: I tend to like Terrell Owens(notes) in the week that he whines about not getting enough looks, even when he does it subtly. ... Last year in Week 15, Steve Slaton(notes) had an even 100 rushing yards against the Titans and Andre Johnson went over 200 receiving. Don't let that Jets game scare you off. ... Matt Cassel(notes) is listed as doubtful versus the Raiders. ... The Vikings held opponents to 3.3 yards per carry last year, making Kevin Smith(notes) a rough play. The receiving workload (7 REC, 52 yards in Week 1) can help offset the damage, though. ... Kansas City allowed 198 rushing yards to Baltimore in Week 1 and they allowed millions of yards in '08. If you're sitting Darren McFadden(notes), it's a mistake. Michael Bush(notes) is a flex of interest, too. ... Here's the upcoming schedule for Clinton Portis(notes) and the 'Skins: vs. STL, at DET, vs. TB, at CAR, vs. KC. Ride it out, then prepare to deal.

The Bryant injury (knee) should be enough vault Kellen Winslow(notes) and Michael Clayton(notes) (5 for 93 in the opener) up the ranks. ... Darren Sproles(notes) obviously jumps based on the Tomlinson news, but the Ravens don't make for the best matchup (81.4 rush yards per game in '08). He'll need to do some damage on screens and returns. ... Nope, not buying Earl Bennett(notes) as a 13-target per game receiver. ... It's Justin Gage's(notes) burden to be a solid receiver on a team that would like to run all day (and probably can versus Houston). ... Let's get another week's worth of results before revisiting Antwaan Randle El(notes). ... Davone Bess(notes): 77 receptions. Too low? Too high? Please discuss. 


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