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Sunday Fantasy Chat: Goodbye Norv Edition

It's time for us to start taking control of these prime time games. I'm sick of the Jaguars. I'm sick of the Rams and the Bucs and the Colts (coming next week). And I'm sick of Norv Turner and his hangdog face.

The 2011 Chargers aren't dead yet, of course. But the Baltimore Ravens stand in their way. Ray Lewis is ready to bark. Philip Rivers is ready to bark back. Ray Rice is ready to roll. Ryan Mathews is ready to fumble or clutch his hamstring. Should be a helluva game in whatever they're calling San Diego's stadium tonight.

Be forewarned, we'll get off topic plenty in the Sunday Night chat. If we don't talk enough sports for you, you're welcome to go hang out with the other chats out there. I go where the readers take me, where the wind takes me, where the water takes me, where the mood of the night takes me. There is no pre-planned route, there is no GPS. Come fly aimlessly with us.

The trip starts at 8:30 pm eastern. Tacos for everyone.


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