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Here's how I would attack the middle infield if I had a new draft starting tonight. Production to this point only counts as an audition; we're looking for the player values from here on out. Assume a 5x5 format, as always, and players at the same price are considered equal.

I may tweak this list as the day goes along Monday. Your respectful disagreement is always welcome in the comments, but come strong with your argument. If you have major disagreements, tell us why, and how you'd adjust the list. Game on.

$32 Chase Utley(notes)
$32 Hanley Ramirez(notes)
$29 Derek Jeter(notes)
$28 Robinson Cano(notes)
$28 Troy Tulowitzki(notes)
$27 Dustin Pedroia(notes)
$26 Jose Reyes
$25 Ian Kinsler(notes)
$25 Ben Zobrist(notes)

It's no fun to be without Cano anywhere in 2010. So many things are in perfect place for him: the lineup, the park, his age. … How much will Kinsler run in 2010, now that he's been pushed down in the lineup and nicked up to boot? … No need to sweat about Tulo's relatively tame start. We've seen it before.

$23 Brandon Phillips(notes)
$22 Dan Uggla(notes)
$22 Jimmy Rollins(notes)
$21 Kelly Johnson(notes)
$21 Jason Bartlett(notes)
$21 Aaron Hill(notes)
$20 Rickie Weeks(notes)
$20 Chone Figgins(notes)
$19 Ian Stewart(notes)
$19 Elvis Andrus(notes)
$18 Rafael Furcal(notes)
$18 Stephen Drew(notes)

I can't see how the Snakes will push Johnson down in the lineup even when everyone is healthy. He's this year's Aaron Hill, which makes it apropos to have him ranked evenly with last year's Aaron Hill. … Andrus hasn't gone nuts with the bat yet, but he's getting on base (.400 OPB) and running plenty. And just wait until the heat wave comes in Arlington. … Bartlett might have some buy-low juice in some leagues; he's quietly got 13 runs and 16 RBIs and this is a superb lineup to be tied to.

$16 Gordon Beckham(notes)
$15 Placido Polanco(notes)
$14 Casey McGehee(notes)
$14 Jose Lopez(notes)
$14 Brian Roberts(notes)
$13 Ryan Theriot(notes)
$13 Ty Wigginton(notes)
$13 Orlando Hudson(notes)
$13 Miguel Tejada(notes)
$13 Asdrubal Cabrera(notes)
$13 Howie Kendrick(notes)
$13 Martin Prado(notes)
$12 Alex Gonzalez
$11 Alberto Callaspo(notes)
$11 Cliff Pennington(notes)
$10 Eric Young
$10 Orlando Cabrera(notes)
$10 Yunel Escobar(notes)
$9 Alexei Ramirez(notes)
$9 Juan Uribe(notes)

Roberts is probably the trickiest call of this position; no one knows when he's coming back of if he'll be able to run. But as the timetable is pushed back, Wigginton's shelf life gets extended. … I'd love to go higher on Uribe, but his job security comes into question when Sanchez returns. … We all love Prado's line-drive bat and position flexibility, but you can only go so high on a player that's not providing power or speed. … Sophomore slump for Beckham, or too early to get concerned? You can see I'm waving the white flag on the Figgins-Beckham deal I made with Dr. Behrens, but I'm not collapsing the price on Beckham yet. … Young could easily be in the high-teens if Jim Tracy goes all-in on the talented offensive player. Yes, Young's rough in the field, but if Tracy will play Melvin Mora(notes) at second base now and then, he's got some liberal ideas about lineup construction.

$8 J.J. Hardy(notes)
$7 Marco Scutaro(notes)
$7 Ian Desmond(notes)
$6 Edgar Renteria(notes)
$6 Luis Castillo(notes)
$5 Erick Aybar(notes)
$4 Reid Brignac(notes)
$4 Alcides Escobar(notes)
$4 Jhonny Peralta(notes)
$4 Clint Barmes(notes)
$3 Adam Rosales(notes)
$3 Everth Cabrera(notes)
$3 Scott Sizemore(notes)
$3 Jerry Hairston Jr.(notes)

The bottom of a National League lineup is a death sentence, especially for a speed guy. Escobar has been batting eighth for the Brewers most of the year and not coincidentally, he's yet to attempt a stolen base . … If Brignac gets a full-time commitment, I'd immediately slot him as a double-digit player. … Don't overlook Hairston's utility, especially with Cabrera sliding over to the disabled list. … Barmes could be in trouble if Young continues to produce, as I expect he will.

$2 Chris Getz(notes)
$2 Freddy Sanchez(notes)
$2 Aki Iwamura(notes)
$2 Adam Kennedy(notes)
$2 Cristian Guzman(notes)
$2 Ronny Cedeno(notes)
$2 Mike Fontenot(notes)
$2 Jack Wilson(notes)
$1 Skip Schumaker(notes)
$1 Ryan Raburn(notes)
$1 Brendan Ryan(notes)
$1 Kazuo Matsui(notes)
$1 Mike Aviles(notes)
$1 Yuniesky Betancourt(notes)
$1 Jeff Baker(notes)
$1 Mark Ellis(notes)
$1 David Eckstein(notes)
$1 Ronnie Belliard(notes)
$1 Juan Castro(notes)
$0 Nick Punto(notes)

I've had my say. Over to you, in the comments.


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