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Maybe they've ridden off into the sunset, popping wheelies with Bo Jackson. No one has any answers. Man, those early-1980s uniforms were ugly.

Ranks below are for 5x5 rotisserie leagues, starting fresh today. Players at the same price are considered even. Don't obsess over the individual numbers; what matters is how the players relate to one another. I may tweak this list during the day.

$22 Brian McCann(notes)
$21 Victor Martinez(notes)
$17 Carlos Santana(notes)
$17 Joe Mauer(notes)
$17 Miguel Montero(notes)
$15 Alex Avila(notes)

I almost put Martinez equal to McCann, given that he's in a better lineup, insulated by the DH and dealing with the American League context. But McCann's year to this point earned him the extra buck. … You have to wonder if the Twins are going to regret that giant Mauer contract someday soon, perhaps in the first half of the deal. Can he physically handle being a catcher for most of the deal? Is the 2009 power profile lost forever?

$12 Yadier Molina(notes)
$11 Matt Wieters(notes)
$11 J.P. Arencibia(notes)
$10 Miguel Olivo(notes)
$10 Jonathan Lucroy(notes)
$10 Chris Iannetta(notes)
$10 A.J. Pierzynski(notes)
$10 Wilson Ramos(notes)
$10 Geovany Soto(notes)

A lot of names mesh together here. Molina plays constantly but offers no power. Arencibia and Olivo can go deep for you but bring average risk. Pierzynski threatens your clubhouse unity. Iannetta is once and forever a tease.

$9 Mike Napoli(notes)
$8 Jorge Posada(notes)
$8 John Buck(notes)
$7 Kurt Suzuki(notes)
$7 Carlos Ruiz(notes)
$6 Russell Martin(notes)
$6 Ramon Hernandez(notes)
$5 Jarrod Saltalamacchia(notes)

What could Napoli do with 500 at-bats one season? I'm not sure we're ever going to find out. … Posada doesn't play much against lefties and he's not trustable on the road, but at least he's still doing something in Yankee Stadium. … Martin's stats have fallen through the floor of late (.200 May, .185 June) and we've seen him collapse in the second half before.

$3 Yorvit Torrealba(notes)
$2 Jason Varitek(notes)
$2 Ryan Hanigan(notes)
$2 Ryan Doumit(notes)
$2 Nick Hundley(notes)
$2 Hank Conger(notes)
$1 Rod Barajas(notes)
$1 Matt Treanor(notes)
$1 John Jaso(notes)
$1 Brayan Pena(notes)
$1 Josh Thole(notes)
$1 Ronny Paulino(notes)
$1 David Ross(notes)
$0 Ivan Rodriguez(notes)
$0 Eli Whiteside(notes)

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