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Shuffle Up: Ranking Adrian Gonzalez and some other cornersToday we go over corner prices for the Yahoo! game. There are a few rules, of course. Without rules, life would be anarchy.

• Assume a 5x5 scoring system. The season thus far is an audition only; what stands below is how I'd draft for a new league starting tonight. Also assume a rotisserie league, not a head-to-head format. The difference is slight, but most of you are playing with roto-pool scoring, so that's what I aim for.

• I do this list completely from scratch every time a Shuffle Up starts. I don't look back. I'm not trying to justify old opinions or score the debate we had on April 17. I'm just looking for the best set of ranks I can produce today.

• Players at the same price are considered even. Don't worry about the number next to the name, so much, but how the players relate to each other.

• For now, you just get the prices. I'm going to have lunch and let them settle for a bit. In the afternoon I'll add comments and tweak the list if I feel the need to. If you present a good argument to a change, I'll consider it.

• Some of you will say the list is too reactive to the season thus far. Some will say it's not reactive enough. Trust me, in this chair, you never can win. I'm just glad I'm not in your league, where I'd come in last place (if not worse) every season.

• I'm not going to price most of the players currently on the disabled list (I made exceptions with Freese and Prado, both expected back shortly). Too much uncertainty, and too much variable worth from league-to-league. Thus, no David Wright(notes) here, no Ike Davis(notes), no Justin Morneau(notes), no Pedro Alvarez(notes). If this policy irks you and you want to start up your own blog or hang out at the Shuffle Up across the street, that's your choice. And if you have a crystal ball with baseball injuries and know when players are coming back and how they'll be used and perform, please share with the class.

• All the corner-eligible catchers get deleted, since no one will use them here. Common sense.

• Your favorite player doesn't spike 20 percent in value strictly because you own him. A novel idea, but it's been disproven by the statheads.

• Disagreement is always welcome, but bring an argument. Defend your position. Further the conversation, gamer. And please don't spike the second baseman or bowl over the catcher; we don't want any injuries. The bench is already thin as-is.

Enough of the preamble, onto the prices. 

$34 Jose Bautista(notes)
$33 Adrian Gonzalez(notes)
$32 Albert Pujols(notes)
$32 Miguel Cabrera(notes)
$31 Joey Votto(notes)
$30 Prince Fielder(notes)
$29 Mark Teixeira(notes)
$28 Ryan Howard(notes)
$26 Paul Konerko(notes)
$26 Evan Longoria(notes)

Why is Gonzalez above Prince Albert? Because he's younger, in a better park, in a better lineup, and because I like him an eyelash better. One dollar is not what I'd call a monumental difference . . . I know everyone loves Longoria like a team mascot because he's got that organizational-friendly contract and he's on the plush, fuzzy Rays. But show me production that makes him a legitimate first rounder. I'd like to see it on the field. He's a star, sure, but I can't take him over any of these other chaps.

$25 Alex Rodriguez(notes)
$24 Kevin Youkilis(notes)
$23 Ryan Zimmerman(notes)
$23 Lance Berkman(notes)
$22 Adrian Beltre(notes)
$22 Gaby Sanchez(notes)
$21 Adam Lind(notes)
$20 Michael Young(notes)
$19 Ben Zobrist(notes)
$19 Martin Prado(notes)
$18 Michael Morse(notes)
$18 Pablo Sandoval(notes)

It's not even close to the same level, but Morse is essentially this year's Jose Bautista. We saw some foreshadowing last year, and this year is the fruition. Thankfully the playing time is now secured, with Adam LaRoche(notes) out of the way. Be clear, I'm not saying Morse is going to hit 54 homers, or even 40. But I see him getting to 28-30. … I know some will go higher than $21 on Lind, but I can't completely forget the horror show of 2010 (especially against lefties). Of course the lefty problems have gone away, and being slotted behind Bautista in the lineup is a sweet spot to be.

$17 Alex Gordon(notes)
$17 Neil Walker(notes)
$16 Howie Kendrick(notes)
$15 Aramis Ramirez(notes)
$15 Adam Dunn(notes)
$15 Justin Smoak(notes)
$15 Eric Hosmer(notes)
$13 Placido Polanco(notes)
$13 Michael Cuddyer(notes)
$13 Ryan Roberts(notes)
$13 Carlos Pena
$12 Jhonny Peralta(notes)
$12 Mark Reynolds(notes)
$12 Billy Butler(notes)
$12 Mitch Moreland(notes)

I know the average with Reynolds is hard to take, but the other numbers are useful. … Interesting that Gordon has more RBIs than runs scored since he took over the leadoff spot. He's settled in to what we can expect, a .280/.350/.460 type of season. … Cuddyer gets an extra buck or two for the position grabs.

$11 Carlos Lee(notes)
$11 Mark Trumbo(notes)
$11 Mike Moustakas(notes)
$10 Anthony Rizzo(notes)
$10 Aubrey Huff(notes)
$9 Scott Rolen(notes)
$9 Todd Helton(notes)
$9 Chase Headley(notes)
$9 Brett Wallace(notes)
$8 Casey McGehee(notes)
$8 David Freese(notes)

I love how Rolen plays, how he respects the game. My team could use a few homers, though. … Helton's OPS is 73 points highe ron the road. … Trumbo's willingness to run (six steals in nine attempts) takes some of the sting out of that batting average and K/BB rate.

$7 Freddie Freeman(notes)
$5 Maicer Izturis(notes)
$5 Daniel Murphy(notes)
$5 Matt LaPorta(notes)
$4 Chipper Jones(notes)
$4 Alberto Callaspo(notes)
$4 Luke Scott(notes)
$4 Ty Wigginton(notes)
$4 Adam Kennedy(notes)
$3 Jed Lowrie(notes)
$3 Justin Turner(notes)
$3 Juan Uribe(notes)
$3 James Loney(notes)
$3 Sean Rodriguez(notes)
$3 Casey Kotchman(notes)

I'd go $7-8 on Kennedy is I were sure the Mariners had a spot for him. … Lowrie falls down to $0 if he goes on the disabled list, which looks likely. … Jones was probably my favorite ballplayer for 10-12 years, but we know who he is now: a fragile player who no longer has pop. He's particularly risky in weekly leagues, where an early-week injury leaves you taking a zero for multiple days.

$2 Omar Infante(notes)
$2 Jamey Carroll(notes)
$2 Garrett Jones(notes)
$2 Juan Rivera(notes)
$2 Lyle Overbay(notes)
$2 Brandon Belt(notes)
$2 Emilio Bonifacio(notes)
$2 Juan Miranda(notes)
$1 Wilson Betemit(notes)
$1 Willie Bloomquist(notes)
$1 Chris Johnson(notes)
$1 Greg Dobbs(notes)
$1 Casey Blake(notes)
$1 Edwin Encarnacion(notes)
$1 Aaron Miles(notes)
$1 Brad Hawpe(notes)
$1 Brandon Inge(notes)
$1 Scott Sizemore(notes)
$0 Chone Figgins(notes)
$0 Miguel Tejada(notes)
$0 Daric Barton(notes)
$0 Melvin Mora(notes)

Barton (.212 average, .264 slugging) would never keep the Oakland first-base job if Billy Beane were still alive.


Image courtesy US Presswire

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