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Things never seem to run smoothly on auto-pilot. Shifting that lineup into set-it-and-forget-it mode just begs for a positive test result or a strained hammy or some other malady.

So it should come as no surprise that just as the family trucksters begin backing out of carports for the long weekend, we find news that David Price is expected to start for the Rays on Monday.

It's not yet official, per the Tampa Tribune, but if you're getting away from it all, you might want to slide Price into an active roster position, NA designation be damned.

There's also this complication: Tampa closer Troy Percival(notes) is headed to the disabled list. Manager Joe Maddon put an end to speculation by telling the Trib that "the whole bullpen" will take over as closer. So there's your add.

Actually, that last piece of business is serious stuff, as Maddon says he wouldn't be surprised if Percival chooses not to come back. Joe Nelson(notes) is flying off the shelves.

Scott Pianowski will have more on these developments in tonight's Closing Time. In the meantime, your action items are: activate Price, add Nelson, DL Percy, check tire pressure.

Please use the comments section to swap S'Mores recipes and project Price's numbers over the next four months.


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