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Mark Buehrle(notes) just finished off an absolute masterpiece, the 18th perfect game in major league history. It was an all-time performance, highlighted by one of the all-time catches. (Video). This was actually Buehrle's second career no-hitter; he's building a convincing Hall of Fame case.

But that's a subject for another day. Regardless of your baseball allegiance -- Cubs, Sox, fantasy, reality -- hopefully you're able to appreciate a true gem when you see one. The only baseball fans who might feel be feeling a bit conflicted right now are the thousands of fantasy owners staring at something like this...

That, without question, is the ugliest sight in fantasy sports: A perfect game, on your bench.

Buehrle is owned in virtually all leagues, but he was only 75 percent-started on Thursday. Many gamers are hurting right now. The benching wasn't exactly crazy -- the Rays are the third highest-scoring team in baseball, and Buehrle is only two starts removed from an eight-run, three-homer loss.

Those details don't matter now, though. If you benched Buehrle, it was an epic failure of sit/start decision-making. Please share your story in comments. We're here to provide comfort in what must be the darkest hour of your fantasy career.


Photo via US Presswire

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