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Nope, sure can't.

It's hard for me to not start Boof Bonser, and that's clearly a problem.

Yeah, I completely understand that it's insane to run him out there every week, regardless of his opponent. That was clear enough before yesterday's mauling. For me, Boof is just one of those fetishes you sometimes develop after watching the best game, by far, that a guy will ever have.

Then a year later, when you're browsing through a list of probable starters, you're like, "Oh, (expletive) yeah. It's Boof day!"

And what do you get on Boof day?

Four innings, no strikeouts, and a WHIP of 2.25.

There's no need for commenters to discuss Boof specifically. He's my demon, and the struggle is a private one. Instead, feel free to share the names of players you can't seem to avoid, despite mounting evidence that they're deliberately trying to hurt you, personally.

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