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There isn't any reason to think that you care about my fantasy portfolio, so we don't spend much time discussing it here on the blog.

Nonetheless, I'd like to point out that in the Fantasy Football Live league, Funston beat me by 16 hundredths of a point in Week 4. The final score was 133.04 to 132.88. Jeff Reed's 46-yard overtime field goal on Monday night gave Brandon the victory. And I left Brett Favre on my bench.

All things considered, that was one of the more painful regular season fantasy losses I've ever suffered.

We all have stories of imaginary tragedy, though. Sometimes they end in tasing.

Please use the comments section to vent about Jeff Reed, fractional scoring, Favre, blog posts that contain no useful information, stat corrections, Funston ... anything you like, really. I yield my remaining time to those of you with stories to share. 


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