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It would be an exaggeration to say that Julio Borbon(notes) swings at everything. But so far this season, he's hacked at most things. Borbon has swung at 50.9 percent of the pitches he's seen and 38.5 percent of pitches outside the strike zone. That gives him the 17th highest rate of bad-ball swings in the majors, according to the data at Fangraphs. 

Borbon is, without question, the most disappointing player who I haven't yet dropped. He's batting .083 through nine games. His OPS is somehow just .191. To date, he's managed to hit exactly one line-drive. ONE. In 38 plate appearances, he's been credited with 13 flyballs, 13 groundballs, and one line drive.

In case you're wondering what Borbon's walk-rate is, it's nothin'. It's zero percent. The Rangers' primary leadoff hitter has not yet drawn a walk. For that reason — and presumably many others — he isn't likely to be their leadoff hitter when he returns to the lineup at Boston on Tuesday. Instead, he'll hit ninth.

An optimist might say that there's an element of bad luck in Borbon's poor start, and they'd remind us that at every professional level he's been a .300 hitter with elite speed. But optimists can [profane]. They aren't welcome here. This post is for Borbon complaints only. Please register yours in comments.

And if you'd like to complain about the analyst(s) who talked you into Borbon, that's OK, too. Let's just please keep the comments Julio-related in some way.


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