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The Fantasy Freak Show Podcast: Wading through WK 17 madness

Confusion, bewilderment, frustration, nervousness, excitement — the loonies that play through Week 17 always run a gauntlet of emotions. With the Packers and Texans locked into place and potentially the Falcons come game-time, several stars (e.g. Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster and Roddy White) who carried fantasy owners to the championship may quietly disappear behind the curtain for the final act. Fanalysts Brad Evans and Brandon Funston sorted through the madness to detail what standouts you should sit along with which free agent find could be your knight in shining armor.

Also on this week's champagne-chugging episode, we provided the very latest on injured studs Tom Brady, LeSean McCoy, Reggie Bush and Andre Johnson, explained why Reggie Wayne's end season resurrection should be believed, decided whether Brandon Marshall will be more man or muppet against the Jets, played a game of over/unders, and, of course, answered your title questions. Too busy devising ways to escape your relatives? No worries. Listen to the replay below:


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