What should fantasy managers do with Deshaun Watson?

Yahoo Fantasy expert Scott Pianowski explains why the Texans quarterback may be a liability in the 2020 season.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Houston Texans burning fantasy question-- what do we do with this Deshaun Watson? Now, DeAndre Hopkins-- he's gone to Arizona. Bill O'Brien, unfortunately, is still in Houston, and Watson has to get used to new receivers. Brandin Cooks comes over. The Rams couldn't wait to get rid of him. They ate about $21 million to do so.

Randall Cobb was an odd free agent signing. Will Fuller, ostensibly the number 1 receiver in Houston, can't seem to stay on the football field. I don't like the offensive line in Houston. Watson has a little bit of a sack problem, which is part on him, part on the blocking.

You can do well of any quarterback price point in 2020. If you don't love what you're getting, just wait for the next situation. Although I love Watson in a vacuum as a player, I don't trust his coach. I'm worried about the receivers here. Sadly, Deshaun Watson will not be on my fantasy rosters in 2020.