Fantasy MLB draft: Trea or J-Rod at No. 1 overall?

Ahmed Fareed, Connor Rogers, D.J. Short and Scott Pianowski discuss who should be the number one overall pick in their fantasy mock draft, with the likes of Trea Turner and Julio Rodriguez as top contenders.

Video Transcript

AHMED FAREED: Connor, I'll just start with you. What are you thinking for number one? There's obviously a lot of debate out there on who to take.

CONNOR ROGERS: So listen, I left this to the roto-world vote. There is a poll on Twitter, they got to decide. They did go with Trea Turner. As promised, I will follow their route and take Trea Turner. To be honest with you guys, I was going to get away from the chalk and have a little fun. I was going to think about taking the J-Rod show in Julio Rodriguez here, and go for the upside. Take the swing for the fences, but no problem with taking Trea Turner. So he will be number one, as the countdown gets here to the final five seconds.

DJ SHORT: You know, I wanted to put Bartolo Colon as kind of the wild card choice in there. And I think that might have won.

CONNOR ROGERS: You would have had me. As a lifelong Mets fan, I would have went that route.

DJ SHORT: [LAUGHS] But yeah, I think--

AHMED FAREED: Is he even in the database?

DJ SHORT: He probably is. He's not officially retired, so you never know.

CONNOR ROGERS: He still wants to play.

DJ SHORT: Yeah. But I do think this year it is kind of wide open at the top. So I think it was a great question to ask our readers and listeners, to see who they thought should be number one. I think Turner, obviously has a great case, making the move from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Great hitter, friendly ballpark there, lineup that should get even better when Bryce Harper comes back.