Fantasy football waiver wire pickups — Week 15

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens explain why fantasy managers should add the Chiefs’ Mecole Hardman and the Jets’ Elijah Moore and Mike White.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: All right, Andy, it's week 15, it's fantasy football playoff time. It's time to get serious. Let's give the people some seriously great wide receivers they could pick up here heading into week 15.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I want to remind folks that Mecole Hardman can return from IR. There's a good chance he's going to make it back for week 15. If he does, he's got Houston, then Seattle, then Denver. It's a pretty friendly schedule.

The other thing we need to remind people, is that he was a huge piece of the Chiefs' goal line offense before he went down. Had scored five touchdowns in his last three games. And it was all near the goal line stuff. They have found the highest and best use for Mecole Hardman, and it is really friendly for fantasy purposes.

So when he comes back, I assume that he's going to step right back into that role. And it's an offense that can put 40 points on anybody. So he's going to be a big piece of it. He's going to make a lot of fantasy noise down the stretch.

MATT HARMON: It's going to be absolutely beautiful when the Kadarius Toney bros, and the Skyy Moore bros, are all pushed to the side and it's just more Mecole Hardman down the stretch. Well, hey, I'll talk about one of my guys. I am for sure an Elijah Moore bro. And I've been very, very encouraged by his sort of reemergence as a full time player for the New York Jets these last couple of weeks.

Now I know, obviously, last week, Corey Davis against the Bills left the game. He is now officially in the concussion protocol. But Elijah Moore again, was still getting that role promotion before the Corey Davis injury, and that's great to see for a guy that we know he can ball. Like, he's just unfortunately been beefing with his team earlier this year.

But we know he's a good player. We know he's been in that slot receiver role. He got 10 targets against Buffalo Bills, caught six of them, played 82% of the snaps. And we talked about this a lot as it relates to Mike White and Elijah Moore, and pretty much all of these Jets guys down the stretch, Andy, on the podcast. The schedule is incredible for passing game players.

They get the Lions this week, then the Jaguars, then the Seahawks. So if Elijah Moore is out there, I think you can play him, or you can pick him up and probably play him with some confidence if he's going to be the clear cut number two option in this passing game, which based on his talent, based on the role that he's had the last couple of weeks. I think he will be. Man, that schedule is pretty enticing for again, for Mike White, if he's healthy, for Elijah Moore, if he's out there, looks pretty good for the Jets right now.

ANDY BEHRENS: What a journey for Elijah Moore this season, by the way.

MATT HARMON: What a journey.

ANDY BEHRENS: From having to step away from the team to potentially finishing the season with this layup line opponent.

MATT HARMON: Hey, if that's how this story ends, I will absolutely take it. It's sort of the diet version of what we got with Brandon Aiyuk last year, right. So again, I've said this on a lot of programs, I am in the lab trying to figure out how I end up way too excited and way too overboard and over-weighted based on reception perception on the like second year receiver who gets in fights with his teams. I'll figure that out for next year.

But for now, I think you could pick up Elijah Moore and I think you could play him down the stretch with these matchups here. All right, go pick up those guys heading into week 15, and good luck in your fantasy football playoff push.