Fantasy football waiver wire pickups - week 10

Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon explain why fantasy managers should add the Chiefs' Mecole Hardman, Giants' Wan'Dale Robinson + Darius Slayton, and Buccaneers' Rachaad White.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: All right, Andy. We're heading into week 10. We're mostly through the bye week wilderness. So we've got some pickups here for the people who really, really help them for the stretch run. You get us started this week.

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ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, this may feel like I'm chasing touchdowns a little bit, because Mecole Hardman has scored five of them in his last three games. But it's also the Chiefs. And they're going to score like 30 a game for the rest of the season. So if you're ever going to chase touchdowns, it's probably with a team like that.

Hardman has also emerged as a prime goal line option for that team. So of those five scores, four of them have been like 8 yards or less, right? Like they get near the goal line and they are trying to manufacture touches for him. He is an electric ball carrier. He's one of the fastest guys in the league.

And they are using those skills sort of on the perimeter when they get in the red zone. And it's working. And I see no reason why this won't stop. He's coming off a nine target game.

Granted, it was within the context of a game in which Patrick Mahomes threw the ball 68 times. He's probably not going to see a lot of those. But still, even on limited volume in that offense, as a key piece near the goal line, he's going to be a real fantasy weapon.


MATT HARMON: Yeah, the Pacheco bros must just be losing their mind. Like Mecole Hardman is the designated design touches guy in the red zone. The Giants have been designing a lot of opportunities for both Wan'Dale Robinson and Darius Slayton, guys over the last three weeks identical target shares, right around 18% for both of these two guys.

But the actual usage, where they're being deployed on the field, could not be any more different. Darius Slayton, 30 plus of the area yards. Wan'Dale Robinson is sub 15%. So that's basically how you define their games, right?

Like Darius Slaton is a vertical outside stretch receiver. Wan'Dale Robinson is sort of a gadgety design touches. I think both these guys should be on rosters.

If you need like a PPR bonus type of guy, I think that Wan'Dale Robinson, a little bit similar to like Rondale Moore. That's going to be fun to say. I think he's probably your pick there. But if you need like a guy in a typical half PPR, even like traditional old fantasy scoring, I think you go with Darius Slayton as a player who can give you more weekly predictability, just because he's going to get more downfield usage.


ANDY BEHRENS: Yet, one other guy I want to mention is Rachaad White. And I've kind of been banging this drum all year. And maybe nothing comes of it.

But he's playing a fair amount for Tampa Bay right now. He's seen 35% of the snaps or more in four of the last six weeks. He's the guy behind Leonard Fournette. Certainly, if anything happened to Fournette, we'd be starting Rachaad White everywhere. And he would be the most popular add of the week.

He's a guy you can get right now. Like there's not a frenzied competition for Rachaad White on the waiver wire. He's been hovering about 35% rostered for most of the year. I don't think anybody's going to fight you for him this week. He's just a perfect stash in fantasy leagues, who could pay off as a lottery ticket later on.

MATT HARMON: All right. Good stuff, Andy. Appreciate you. You people out there, go get those guys on your fantasy team. And good luck in week 10.