Fantasy Football pickups for Week 3

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens offer a pair of receivers to pick up and a defense to stream ahead of Week 3 waiver claims.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: All right, Andy, week two is almost all the way in the books at this point. Felt like a lot of players kind of got back to what we expected. But there are still plenty of fantasy players out there that are hurting, that need a little help on their roster. So who can we try to have them pick up heading into week three to maybe, potentially, get back on track?

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I feel like week two was quite a week for rookies. And one of the most prominent was Tank Dell who-- maybe this wasn't the breakout week. Maybe the breakout week actually happened in the pre-season because he was kind of a pre-season hero-- just terrific summer for Dell. He's an undersized receiver out of Houston.

He was monstrously productive as a college player, as you know. 199 catches over his last two seasons, 29 touchdowns. Just plays a little bit bigger than he is. And he had seven catches on a team-high 10 targets, 72 yards. Had a touchdown that was an after-the-catch miracle. He's fun. He's good. And they're letting CJ Stroud throw. So that's going to be a real passing offense, and he's going to be a high volume player. He just-- this is a case where collegiate production matches the summer hype, matches the in-season production. 10 targets-- you got to just go get him.

MATT HARMON: Very true. It's not going to get in the way of my Nico Collins agenda. But with CJ Stroud looking the way he has, I do like the Tank Dell call. I'll stick out on rookie receiver theme here, and I'll point out Packers receiver Jayden Reed who, of course, found the end zone twice on Sunday. So I'm not breaking any news here, but he's been off and on the field. He hasn't been necessarily a full full-time player. But he's been a very key player when he's been out in the field.

He has a 38%-- he's been targeted on 38% of his routes run over the first two weeks. When he's out there, Jordan Love is looking for him. And I know I don't need to tell you this, Andy. But Jordan Love's looked pretty good first two weeks. Sorry to say, man, but he has looked pretty good. This offense has looked like it's on schedule, despite the fact that they have missed Aaron Jones. They've obviously missed Christian Watson the first two weeks. Matt LaFleur is in his bag, and Jordan Love is looking pretty good at this point. So I'm looking to acquire pieces of the Packers offense.

And Andy, I know you and I said-- after they drafted Jayden Reed-- I wouldn't be totally, totally surprised if he ends up being their best receiver at some point. Maybe it's prisoner of the moment to say this because we haven't seen Christian Watson yet this year, but I still kind of feel that way. So this is a guy I definitely do not-- I don't think we should just be leaving him sitting out there on waivers at this point.

ANDY BEHRENS: No, fully agree. Really talented, and obviously, Jordan Love passed for three touchdowns in each of his first two games. So it's a great offensive environment there, too. I'll just throw out one more fantasy asset here. And we never talk about defenses in this, but Kansas City Chiefs defense is hanging out there in about 60% of Yahoo! Leagues, and they've got a home date coming up with the Bears.

And I think we've learned that if you get the Bears into a sort of one-dimensional offensive situation, that's probably going to mean good things for the opposing defense. It's been a weird offense. It's been a super predictable offense. It is very screen-heavy. We saw a pick 6 against the Bears that kind of clinched the game at Tampa. I mean, there's a really good chance that we're going to see a defensive score from Kansas City in this one. Chris Jones is back. You're probably looking, legitimately, at five sacks, two or three turnovers, really good chance that a defensive score, and that's the kind of defensive performance that wins your week.

MATT HARMON: Andy Behrens giving you fantasy advice with his head, not with his heart. We love to see that, although I don't think Justin Fields and the boys will be very happy to see Chris Jones on Sunday. I cosign that one right there. All right, those are the players need to pick up heading into week three. Good luck this week.