Fantasy FaceOff Week 3

Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens compare the Jets' Garrett Wilson vs. similarly ranked wide receivers.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: OK, Harmon, it's time for our Fantasy Faceoff ahead of week three. We take one of the hottest pickups of the week. They don't get much hotter than this. And decide if we would start them over similarly ranked players. This week, it's Garrett Wilson who just had a monster game for the Jets, 26 fantasy points, 14 targets, 2 touchdowns.

He's currently our wide receiver 27 in the consensus ranks. And we're just going to start with a collection of basically your favorite receivers, your pet receivers. Tyler Lockett versus Garrett Wilson, how do you feel about this?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I mean, I think this one's kind of a no-brainer, honestly. I mean, as much as I love Tyler Lockett, loved to see his game last week, this is why I thought he was kind of underrated in best ball formats. The reality here is, there's just not going to be enough passing equity to go around every single week in Seattle.

I mean, Geno, how often is he going to throw up more than 250 yards and satisfy both Metcalf and Lockett? That's going to be really tough to predict every single week. And Garrett Wilson's usage is just awesome, man. So I'm going to go with Garrett Wilson over Tyler Lockett. And it does, of course, pain my heart to say that.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I fully agree with this one, actually. Joe Flacco is up to, I think, it's 110 drop backs through two weeks, which is just a crazy number. I mean, the passing volume here so far to this point in the season, it's not even close between these teams.

How about another, I believe, Matt Harmon favorite, Allen Robinson? He's not retired, right? He's still in the league? Allen Robinson's still in the league?

MATT HARMON: How dare you, honestly? Is this just some Chicago leftover hurt feelings there with you and Allen Robinson? Come on, Andy, I thought you were a better man than that. Anyways, I think Allen Robinson-- yeah, yeah, my bad for not assuming the reality there.

Look, Allen Robinson in week two, I think that's the usage that we're normally going to see for Robinson, a lot of red zone looks. He should have had 2 touchdowns in that game. They lined him up in the backfield on the second. One and he was in the end zone with the ball. And then they blew the whistle because AJ Terrell was hurt. I don't know. Very, very weird, never seen that in my football watching days.

So Allen Robinson, red zone target for a good offense in LA. I'm still going to go with Allen Robinson over Garrett Wilson as much as I like Wilson, as much as I totally believe in the player. I mean, this guy is an awesome talent. I just think with Robinson right now, you've got a bit of a safer projection, tethering yourself to Matthew Stafford and a guy in Robinson, who, I think, looks really good. And week one was mostly an outlier.

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, we might as well do the full trio of Harmon favorites. Let's talk about Garrett Wilson versus Brandon Aiyuk. Go!

MATT HARMON: Oh, man! Hey, I'll just quote my buddy Tank Williams, who joined me on the "Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast" this week to do our week three preview. And he agreed with me that Jimmy Garoppolo is kind of feeling it right now, that he's coming in here kind of fast and loose, nothing to lose, flinging the ball downfield. And we know who the downfield target is in this offense. It's Brandon Aiyuk.

As Tank and I talked about in the preview show, Deebo Samuel is averaging an air yard per target. That's right, 1 air yard, 1 rib, as Tank so eloquently put it. That's it in terms of air yards. Aiyuk's to getting the downfield looks. I think this game against the Seattle Seahawks is Brandon Aiyuk's big breakout.

This is the closest one, the hardest one to pick so far. But I'm going to go Aiyuk over Garrett Wilson.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, we give you a lot of nonsense about Brandon Aiyuk, but he's looked so good so far this season. And I realize that he's probably not seeing a 14-target game. But what are, really, the chances that Garrett Wilson continues to see 14-target games? I think I would go Aiyuk over Wilson as well.

One last one here, Garrett Wilson or Adam Thielen?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, Garrett Wilson. Enough with Adam Thielen. Don't be all dusty, be playing Adam Thielen over Garrett Wilson. Give me a break. Garrett Wilson, I just want to say, legit talent. I mean, can run routes, can separate, can get open. They're using him out of the slot.

The guy has 5 end zone targets so far this year. That's the same as Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase, legit stars of star players. That's the company Garrett Wilson keeps. You can go look at some of the company that Adam Thielen keeps at this point. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But I'm definitely playing Garrett Wilson over a guy like Adam Thielen right now.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, absolutely hear you there. Adam Thielen so far, I think it's 11 targets, 80-some receiving yards. Just not making a lot of fantasy noise. There's almost no case, in my mind, for Theilen over Wilson.