Fantasy FaceOff - Week 2

Jason Fitz and Matt Harmon analyze several running backs as they approach Week 2.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: All right. Appreciate that. Great work by you guys. Again, the breaking news out there, Adam Schefter just tweeted out Puka Nacua missed practice, out with an oblique. He was one of the biggest ads of the week.

But also, one of the biggest ads of the week is Kyren Williams. We all saw his greatness, right? So Harmon, we're going to play a little game here. It's Fantasy Faceoff.

So I'm going to give you this or that and we're going to go this every time is Kyren Williams and we'll give you an option. OK? Are you ready for this one? We're going to go Kyren Williams or Javonte Williams?

MATT HARMON: Ooh, man. Yeah, there's nothing like this guy you drafted in fantasy and you're really excited about and now I'm telling you that a waiver wire pickup is better than him. This one's a little bit tough. With Javonte Williams, he's in a pure committee right now and that's what's going to make me lean towards Kyren Williams here.

Number one, I think the Rams offense is going to out kick our expectations. This is a better ecosystem than we thought it's going to be. And I think that right now with Kyren Williams, he's clearly, clearly ahead of Cam Akers at this point.

In quarters 1-3, he was all the way involved and Cam Akers was not. He only got on the field in garbage time. So to me, I mean, I'm ready to have Sean McVay just break my heart on this one, but right now, I think he's the guy and I think Sean Payton is kind of rotating back there in Denver.

JASON FITZ: Yeah. And we still don't know what Sean Payton is actually going to end up looking like as an offense for the Broncos. So I think that makes a lot of sense. What about this, Kyren Williams versus Najee Harris? Najee Harris the brand versus Najee Harris the player, two very different things. So Kyren versus Najee.

MATT HARMON: Hey yo, Fitz, I saw on Twitter today somebody put out a picture of Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson holding up Browns jerseys and somebody said, hey, it's Najee Harris and Kenny Pickett. And I can't get the image out of my head. So maybe--


MATT HARMON: Maybe-- Number one, that was totally savage. Maybe that is informing what I'm about to say, but dude, I think the answer is Kyren Williams. Again, it's a tough match-up against the 49ers, right? But he was getting all that opportunity and Najee Harris, as Andy pointed out, is in a committee at this point.

I think this is the closest one. And if you want to go against me here and you want to go back to Najee Harris, because they probably should try to run the ball a little bit better here in week 2, the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would understand. But I think if it was me, I do think I'm going Kyren Williams here.

JASON FITZ: There is some level of this, we talk about this all the time, but quarterback play impacts running back play, and we all know that, right? So I got a quarterback on one side that exceeded every expectation, that looks like he's going to be capable of taking advantage of young weapons all around him with the great offensive play caller around him. Or I've got a quarterback that we had some questions about that looked good in the preseason that didn't look good in week 1.

You're right, all of this. I thought Najee Harris was about a sure thing as possible coming out of college and it doesn't look like right now that's at all the case. Let's go now Kyren Williams versus Rachaad White. Who do you got on this one?

MATT HARMON: Ooh, buddy, we're about to make it a clean sweep for Kyren Williams and I'm going to look so stupid when this goes wrong. But this one, I think, actually, this is the one I feel the best, about to be honest. And I know that Rachaad White got all that opportunity. As Rich Rebar once said, actually, Andy, this was back to you on Twitter, I think, so this is good.

You'll remember this. If your fantasy football argument starts with a point that is not the player himself, you're about to make a bad argument. And anytime anybody talks to you about Rachaad White it's always, well, he's the only guy there. He's going to get all the touches.

Well, he did that in week 1 and he sure as hell didn't do a lot with it. So I'm pretty concerned about Rachaad White at this point, even though he's got-- I mean, look, he's got a great match up against Andy Behrens's Bears. But I think I'm going Kyren Williams again here because Rachaad White just hasn't shown it at this point.

JASON FITZ: Andy's catching strays and he's not even in this segment. He's just sitting there saying, what did I do? I get it. All right, let's see if we can get the clean sweep.

I got one more for you. Kyren Williams versus Miles Sanders, all right? Maybe, this one?

MATT HARMON: Thank God I can finally get off the Kyren Williams train because I am going to go Miles Sanders here because unlike Cam Akers, who went in the same area of the draft there, Miles Sanders did get the role that many of us expected. Now, Chuba Hubbard was involved a little bit. That's wonderful. That's great. OK.

But Miles Sanders had 4 catches. You see the number right up there. I came on this show and I told you guys he was going to catch at least 4 balls last week because Bryce Young is under siege everywhere.

He's under siege. It's insane the amount of pressure he's seeing right now and the lack of downfield options that he has. I mean, Terrace Marshall, rough game in week 1, of course. Adam Thielen, he's a tertiary slot player at this point. Jonathan Mingo is still developing.

They're going to push the ball to Miles Sanders out of the backfield because he's probably the best player they have on offense right now. So I think because of the way-- And look, I know what I'm saying a lot of stuff about volume, but remember, Miles Sanders is a good, proven player. He was a great efficient rusher last year. I shouldn't have to tell you Miles Sanders is a good player.

JASON FITZ: Yeah. And Bryce Young is a smart player, by the way, that is going to know when he just has to get rid of the ball. So I think you're right, there's a lot of opportunity there.