Fantasy FaceOff - Week 13

Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon compare the Jaguars' Zay Jones to similarly ranked receivers in Week 13.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, it's Fantasy Face-Off time and Chris set us up perfectly for this by mentioning Zay Jones. This is where we talk about one of the most popular waiver ads of the week. You can tell it was kind of a sketchy week on waivers if we're talking about Zay Jones. And we compare him to some similarly ranked players.

So let's start off with Zay. Zay, by the way, has seen 24 targets over the last 2 games. Like, whatever you thought of him coming into the season, he has been a target hog lately. Tank, how do you feel about Zay Jones versus Treylon Burks?

TANK WILLIAMS: I like Zay Jones better. Treylon Burks has definitely come along the past couple of weeks. He's heavily involved in that Tennessee pass game. He actually stole one of Derrick Henry's touchdowns because Derrick Henry fumbled it away last week.

But, that being said, I just feel like Zay Jones has the better match-up. I kind of like the game script that we're going into when you have the Jacksonville Jaguars going against the Detroit Lions. I think that could be a nice little shoot out there. And so I'll lean towards Zay on this one.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I'm with you there. It's just a great match-up against Detroit and Trevor Lawrence, of course, coming off a signature game last week. How about Zay Jones versus player we discussed earlier in the prop segment, Diontae ? Johnson

TANK WILLIAMS: Well, even though this is someone that my man Mateo recommended, I just can't go against the research that we've stated earlier. This dude has an amazing match-up going against that Atlanta Falcons secondary. They get honey roasted by almost everyone that they play. And I feel like Diontae has received enough volume in the pass game, target-wise, to be able to take advantage of it this week. So give me Diontae in this one.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I actually agree with you again here. We can't really talk about the favorable match-up with Zay Jones without mentioning the super favorable match-up for Diontae Johnson against Atlanta. I think that's where I'd go as well. OK, last one here. Zay Jones against Josh Palmer.

TANK WILLIAMS: I think when you look at it, Josh Palmer has had a consistent role in that Los Angeles Chargers offense. He just had a little bit of a mild week and I think he may ramp up again this week going against the Las Vegas Raiders. I believe this is a sneaky shootout right here. It may not be sneaky at all. I mean, if you look at some of the props for Justin Herbert, I mean, they have his touchdown, his yardage way up.

So they're expecting an explosion from him. So if they're expecting that from Justin Herbert, I think he may be one of the main beneficiaries. So give me Palmer over Zay Jones in this one as well.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I'm with you again. I can't wait for that game. This week is full of good games. Even the bad games are good. Yeah, I would definitely go Josh Palmer there, volume has been going his way.